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Setta 90 exterior blind

Setta 90 exterior blind
Technical data
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  • Setta 90 exterior blind

    The Setta 90 exterior blind represents top exterior shading in terms of purpose and design. The “S” shaped slats with a width of 90 mm create a perfectly integrated area when closed. The purposefulness of the Setta outdoor blind is strengthened by its simple appearance. Compared with the Setta 65 blind, the Setta 90 outdoor window blind is recommended for shading large areas because the lamellas have a greater optical effect.
    The thermo-regulation effect of the Setta blind is increased by the rubber impressed along the whole length of the slat. The aluminium guiding bars ensure stability of the blind in wind and are a supporting element for securing the house against burglary. The variability of the assembly, elegance and perfect shading creates a unique shading element for all types of objects from this horizontal blind.

    The exterior shading technology creates an optimal environment in terms of lighting and thermal conditions and is an important part of the construction in terms of energy savings. In the traditional concept, the exterior blinds fulfil the shading and security function; in the untraditional concept they are an architectonic element of administrative buildings and jewellery for family homes.


    • elegant design construction with “S“ shaped slat
    • high level of shading
    • thermoregulation and protective effect 
    • decrease in the level of outside noise
    • bottom rail from the extruded aluminium 
    • electric control option
    • decreased noise of the blind (impressed rubber along the whole length of the blind)
    • maximum guaranteed area 16 m2.
  • Method of control

    • manually – by handle
    • electrically – by remote control unit or the switch

    Guaranteed dimensions

    • Minimum width: 600 mm
    • Maximum width: 4,000 mm
    • Maximum height: 4,000 mm
    • Maximum area: 8 m2 (for oval handle) / 16 m2 (for control by the motor)

    Non-standard dimensions are not produced..

    Technical parameters

    Setta 90 exterior blind

  • Setta 90 exterior blind color variations

    Setta 90 exterior blind-colors