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Roller doors

Roller doors
Technical data
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  • Roller garage doors are used to close large openings and where a sectional door it not suitable.The most common use is the garage doors and doors to close commercial spaces.The main advantage that roller doors have over to sectional doors is given by the more permissive mounting restrictions .

    Because the hole door raises in a cylinder, in the top of the door, make restrictions of the size of beam, side columns and garage depth ,necessary to door assembly ,to be much easier to follow.

    Roller doors are made of 77mm slats and the maximum height that such a door can have is 4650 mm. Maximum width of a roller door with 77 mm slats, is 5300 mm. The maximum area that a roller door can occupy is 20sm.
    Roller doors are powered by tubular engines that can be driven by : remote control, key selector, wall button or through a module command with GSM technology. In addition, the roller door can be accessorized with: photocell system, “Safety Edge” sensor edge, red traffic light. Roller door can be equipped with vision slats profiles or ventilation grilles.

  • Slats colors

    Slats colors