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Technical data
Color Variations
  • Plissé blinds – with Plissé blinds you can complete the appearance of your home

    Plissé is a folding fabric roller-blind that dresses your windows, makes the interior cosy and, of course, provides tailor-made shading of your room.  You can choose from linenfold fabric with various levels of light penetration, shading fabric, with a steaming aluminium layer that eliminates the force of heat radiation, or fabric with a penetrative coating with a high level of light reflection.

    Compared with the traditional interior shading, this system is unique in that it can set the intensity of shading together with lowering and lifting the upper or the lower profile which enables the possibility to create a shading strip of any height. You will also be surprised by the special construction of Plissé blinds which uses two cloths so you can change the interior to suit your existing mood. In the traditional concept, the interior shadings fulfil the shading function, whereas in the non-traditional concept they are a modern window accessory and adorn the interior.  At present, blinds are also appreciated for the ability to save energy.

    Advantages and preferences of Plissé blinds

    • an elegant element of the modern interior
    • high quantity of non-standard forms
    • wide selection of linenfold materials, colours, patterns and imprinting  
    • fabrics with various levels of light penetration, shading fabrics and reflection fabrics 
    • option of combining two fabrics 
    • variable control system – rope, handle.
  • Method of control of Plissé blinds

    • manually – by plastic handle x rope with integrated brake
    • in the case of the plissé version with two fabrics, each cord serves for the control of one type of the fabric.

    Construction versions of Plissé blinds

    • Plissé without guiding
    • Plissé with rope guiding
    • Plissé with steel wire guiding
    • Plissé with two fabrics

    Guaranteed dimensions of Plissé blinds

    • minimum width: 150 mm
    • maximum width: according to the width of the fabric
    • non-standard dimensions for bevel and broken windows are produced.

    Technical parameters

    plisse characteristicsplisse characteristics

    Non-standard dimensions are not produced.

  • Cloth selection

    Linenfold fabric is offered in material construction 100% PE.

    Pattern chart of fabrics

    plisse color variations